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​Brief  introduction

Texting while driving is one of the most dangerous behaviors which increase the risk of car accidents . However, most drivers are unaware of the seriousness of the matter.

How far can you go is a somatosensory installation which warn participants the security risks of texting while driving. 



2018.4-2018.5 (3 weeks)


Group project (3)

My role

I was responsible for research, idea development, interaction design and video making.


Unity + Kinect


Final cut Pro

Explore more in the video!



​Desktop research

As more technology tools become available in vehicles, increased driver distractions can lead to escalation number of casualties in the future.


Drivers' attitude towards texting while driving

Mobile phone usage on road is a fatal distraction. Humans are under the false impression that they can multi-task without an efficiency loss but that’s not quite true. Every task that we take up in addition to an ongoing activity, leads to a physical as well as cognitive distraction. 

Group 14_3x.png

Through the simulation driving test, it is found that when you send a text message while driving, people's attention will drop by 75%, which is 7 times that of drunk driving.




It has become commonplace for drivers to send text messages. They always take a chance that it is okay to make a short break.

How far can you go aims to eliminate the fluke mind and alarm the drivers of hazard.

We designed a scenario that the mother is driving home and sending a message to her son. And The game interface mimics the SMS interface of the mobile phone.

We hope to make a deeper impression on the participants by depicting such a warm daily scene which is destroyed by texting while driving.


Moving left and right control the to car avoid dialog boxes.


Even though you are lucky enough to be safe for several times, if you still insist on texting while driving, you  can not escape the catastrophe.

We designed a long dialog box which can not be avoided. Collision is the end of the game and not one is the winner. We want to use this installation to tell the driver that:

​Work Flow

Work Flow

Invited teacher and classmates to participate.

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