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👋 Hey there
I am Yifan Deng

Product designer building developer tools at SaaS Startup at Bay Area.

case study

Lead UX Designer@Harness∙ 0->1∙ Launched in Sep 2023 

Gitness Developer Tool

Led the design of Gitness (a web-based code hosting platform) from the ground up, amassing 31K+ Github Starts and 50k+ downloads


UX Design Intern@Mircosoft ∙ APP Design

Bing Search Experience

Designed and delivered the end-to-end flow of contextual search flow in Microsoft Start, a News APP launched in Sep 2021

Taobao cover.png

UX Design Intern ∙ E-commerce∙ APP Redesign

TaoBao Online Shopping

Redesigned the online shopping experience of the TaoBao APP at Alibaba, the leading e-commerce platform in China, leveraging the power of user-generated contents

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