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Alibaba UX Design Intern

I had an internship at Taobao which is a Chinese online shopping platform, headquartered in Hangzhou, and owned by Alibaba.


Taobao is the It is the world's biggest e-commerce product with hundreds of millions of daily page views. This summer, I had the opportunity to work as UX designer internship in the Taobao mobile design group. Everything I worked on this summer is confidential. If you want to learn more about it, please reach out to me through email:

I worked on...

Redesign the user flow and interface of “Find good goods” in Taobao App

Because the Taobao app is an extremely large app with multiple functions that are related to the online shopping experience. So I was responsible for a certain function named “ Find good goods” which mean by helping user find products with good quality and price.

User Scenario

The user does not have target products, but just wants to walk around casually, expecting a good product to be recommended by the system


Design Goal

Leveraging the user-generated-contents to evaluate goods in order to attract more users to purchase. I redesigned the user flow to make this process more effective and smoother while increasing the Click PV and shopping time. I also designed the information architecture about the landpage to integrate multimedia content, such as videos and imagines.

Conducted in-depth competitive analysis

I selected more than 10 related competing products of online shopping, analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of them, and refined my design strategy.

Few take aways...

 Learn new things

Learning through working is the best way to improve design abilities. Besides experiencing the product iteration cycle and working closely with PM, developers, and visual designers, I got to hone my design skills as well as to adapt the data driven design decision.      


Break the boundary of UX design

As a UX designer, I can’t work as a tool for drawing wireframes and user flow. Instead, I should present the value of design form the professional perspective and collaborate with PM to promote product development and innovation.

What makes the “Find good goods” being Special in Taobao?


"Finding good goods" offers the user high-quality goods with famous brand and cheaper price.

Requirements from business strategy


Why we leverage the UGC for online shopping?


What is the advantage of those competitive products?

编组 2@3x.png
编组 7@3x.png

Filter out 5 related products

编组 13@3x.png
编组 14@3x.png
编组 15@3x.png

Pain points from the user experience

​Based on the user interview and the historical data, here are the key insights I found during research.

Group 7@3x.png
Group 4@3x.png

​How to translate the requirements into solutions?


Which is the best structures to represent the info?

Brainstorm and evaluate the different structure for showcasing the commodities. 

Group 8@3x.png
Group 9@3x.png

How to make the User flow smoother?

编组 2a@3x.png

Create a consistent gesture for operations and create an immersively browsing experience.

Group 10@3x.png

How to attract user spend more time on online shopping?

Use content the attract user and provide more related commodities information

Group 11@3x.png
Group 12@3x.png

How to educate the user the recommendation mechanism?

​Provide hints and related reasons for users to start the recommend certain commodities. Visualize the result of recommending to educate the results of recommending the commodities.

Group 13@3x.png
Group 13@3x.png

Feedbacks from the product managers in TAOBAO

​My redesign solution took the right correct approach to improve the user experience while achieving the business goal.

编组 44@3x.png
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